We are excited to announce our 2021 Geisha range! 

Originating from the Gori Giesha Forrest in Ethiopia, no its not a samurai variety of coffee :-) Giesha coffee has had a huge rise to fame in the last decade and a half. In has been around since the 1930's however it was in 2005 after it had been well introduced into the Central Americans that it rocketed to stardom after the Peterson Family from Boquete, Panama won a competition and sold the coffee for a record breaking $350/per pound. 

Speaking of Boquete, one of the first things you realise with Geisha is its aroma! As soon as you open your bag or test tube (yes you read that right) the fragrance is mesmerising! Immediate floral and fruity  notes followed by honey, jasmine and chocolate give a complex but very pleasing nose. Each of our three varietals have have there own distinct taste and we suggest you try all three! 

Ethically sourced and the expertly roasted to cupping scores in the 90's by our master of beans, Gareth Pike, we are proud in introduce to you our three Gieshas. 

Colombia Jairo El Vergel - Cupping Score 90 - Tasting Notes: Smooth edge jasmine, black tea & cola flavours. Altitude: 1000 - 1400 masl OVERALL: Sweet and well balanced

Panama Jamison Savage - Cupping Score 91 - Tasting Notes: Peach, apricot, white floral, cooked stone fruit. Altitude: 1780 masl OVERALL: Rich fruity Aroma

Concordia Colombia - Cupping Score 92 - Tasting Notes: Coconut, orange and cocoa. Altitude: 1860 masl OVERALL: Sweet coconut Toffee

Our Recipe - V60 POUR OVER 

15g 1:16 ratio 88-92°c

50g bloom - 30seconds
120g - pour
250g - finish 2:30-3:00 minutes.