Following the 'huge' success of the first Brew Lab, Owner and founder Mitchel Johnson has again pulled one out of the bag!
His new coffee house, in Penrith NSW, has an amazing feel, the level of service and product quality is out of this world. How out of this world you might ask ... So great is Mitch and his team's  passion for the perfect cup it has carried over to being able to sell a coffee experience with a 'Geishan' coffee for $100 a cup - yes you heard that right. 

We are super proud to partner Mitch and his team and see this amazing experience come to life.

Roast LAB Developments 

Work continues to progress on the major R&D project required to bring the Quattro Roastery to Zero emissions.
This is unheard of in the roasting world, during the roasting process a series of hazardous gasses are produced & while an afterburner does treat some of these gasses it only eliminates approximately 40% of them.
The first stage for us was to install the Vortx System, this was complete in January - the second stage has been the most technical and tedious - it is soon to be completed and will consist of a series of filters including Carbon & Nano filters working together to deliver our target of Zero emissions.
We cant wait for this to be finished so that we can communicate this to all our customers.
Stay tuned we are only a few weeks away...