2. Chocolate & Syrups




FROM BEAN TO BAR  We hand make all our chocolate. Our dark chocolate contains 72% cocoa solids. It is a full-bodied dark chocolate with an acid roasted cocoa taste, a warm earthiness and a touch of mushrooms. One for the true dark chocolate connoisseur.

  • Our milk chocolate contains 37% cocoa solids. It is a rich chocolate with full cocoa character and a hint of spice.

  • Our white chocolate contains 29% cocoa butter. This very special white organic chocolate has a fresh vanilla and toffee bouquet. 

For the other ingredients used to make our handmade chocolates, we source only the best certified organic produce, Australian-grown wherever possible.

Special dietary information

All our chocolates are gluten free.

All our chocolate contains a small amount (approx 0.5%) of organic soy lecithin as an emulsifier.

Many of our chocolates contain nuts. As all chocolates are made in the same kitchen, it is possible that all chocolates may contain traces of nuts. However, none of our chocolates contain peanuts and there are no peanuts used in the kitchen.