Our Story

Quattro Coffee Roasters


Quattro Coffees was born out of the pursuit to create the perfect coffee, to be enjoyed by customers visiting specialist coffee houses. We aim to partner with people that have an equal passion for serving the very best.

Gareth and Jane Pike lead the Quattro Coffee team and combined have had over 45 years in the Coffee industry, spending over 2.5 years creating an Espresso blend that meets the ‘perfect coffee’ criteria. 

A bit about our Journey - 4 Stages in of coffee culture

Stage 1 - Beginning at a time when 92% of Australians we drinking Instant coffee back in 1989 – spending 10 years at McDonalds and being part of the team that developed and launched espresso coffee throughout the system. Gareth experienced a massive transition of the general public into whole bean espresso coffee.

Key learning – People needed to be, and were introduced to espresso in an environment where the barriers for them were low – i.e. a chain store environment

Stage 2 – Gareth lead the operations and launched Starbucks into Australia in the Year 2000 – People were evolving their taste and were looking for Trusted / Proven Brands where people knew what they were getting, but was a step up from McDonalds – Independent Cafes were just starting at this point.

Key learning – People loved the concept style coffee houses – but the Starbucks Corporate Ownership and the Coffee taste profile did not sit as well with the Australian Public

Stage 3 – A move to the ‘privately’ owned Franchise model of Coffee House. For the next 10 years Gloria Jeans Coffees was home. As the CEO GJC launched into 32 countries and Gareth spent time visiting the Coffee Growing Regions and learning what makes coffee work in markets including the US / UK and Europe. This is where a true appreciation for the Bean was developed and Roasting inhouse meant a deeper understanding of the roasters relationship with the coffee drinker.

Key Learning – 1) People ‘Love’ Coffee – it’s a real product with its own characteristic 2) The more a Coffee House owner has a passion for quality the better the coffee and the more successful they are. Plus, lots of Sales Building ideas that really work.

 Stage 4 – Independent – the last 5 years spent working with independent speciality coffee houses on the businesses and the coffee. In that time working on the development of an Espresso profile that makes a fantastic coffee.

Key Learnings – It really takes a blend of 4 beans in an Espresso Blend to create a flavour profile that is both Rich in flavour and has a Lasting sweetness. There is a true relationship between 1) the Bean 2) the Roaster 3) the Barista and 4) the Customer

Our coffee is called Quattro because of the 4 bean varietals / the 4 stages of our Coffee journey / the 4 parts to the relationship between the Coffee and the Customer

Our Equipment is a Joper and Petronchini Roasters / La Marzocco Espresso Machines / Mazzer Grinders



Jane Pike was born in PNG and is the daughter of Neville Semmler who at the time of her birth was an Agricultural Officer. His role was to work with the remote farming villages to improve their commercial harvesting of their crops. Today Quattro uses some of those exact farms in their blends. Jane continues to be passionate about sustainability and fair trade with the farmers and Quattro has direct relationships with coffee producers around the world.


The Future

Quattro is a certified Research and Development provider to Aus Industries. With projects including 100% biodegradable bags and cold brew weight loss coffee drinks the company is at the forefront of the industry pushing boundaries to continue to develop the perfect cup in every way.