Quattro Specialty Coffee beans 1 kg Bag

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Our signature Roast

4th Farm Espresso

Origin- 4 amazing coffees from the African & Central American regions blended perfectly to create a unique coffee that leaves you wanting more.

Roasters Tasting Brief – A silky body combining rich notes of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut, balanced with a bright citrus note.

Perfectly paired to an espresso grind for your café or home espresso machine

Single Origin - Brazil

Roasters Tasting Brief – Hazelnut and chocolate profile with a silky body, bright orange acidity with a long cream and cocoa finish.

Single Origin - Ethiopian 

Roasters Tasting Brief – Fruity and floral with a spicy aroma, notes of sweet honey, chocolate and tangerine.

Single Origin - Honduras - Marcala Region

Roasters Tasting Brief – A deep chocolate top note with undertones of nutty caramel & apple acidity with a creamy body.

Single Origin- Papua New Guinea

Roasters Tasting Brief – A delicate sweetness complimented by an exotic fruity aroma, with hints of currant and chocolate.

Single Origin- Peru - Sol & Café

Roasters Tasting Brief – Smooth, delicate and well balanced. Nut and chocolate tones with a sweet citrus aftertaste